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Basic tutorials for this class

The links below provide short articles and/or tutorials about particular coding standards I want you to use in this class.

  • Code Structure - A diagram/discussion of how I want you to structure the code you write for your assignments.
  • Doctests - A short tutorial on what a doctest is and how to use them in your code.
  • Style Guide - A discussion on how to format the details of your code like remarks, whitespace, equations, etc.  This document is a smaller edited version of the "official" python coding style guide.
  • Flow Charts - Flow Charts are graphical charts that diagram the logic used to solve a complex problem or illustrate a complex process. They are often very helpful in decomposing a complex problem into manageable, simpler sub-problems. In this class I will require you to implement a flow chart that illustrates how your program is structured and how it works. The link takes you to a good introduction on flow-charting.

Python Quick Reference

The following links take you to the Tutorials Point website which has an excellent set of tutorials on Python. I really like this site - it's well organized, concise, and easy to understand.  I think you'll find these links useful as you work on the assignments.