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03 Dice Study Guide

Sample code for the Dice project is attached below.


C-Level Questions will require you to understand
  1. Creating lists and adding elements to lists
  2. Indexing into lists. For example, if L = [1,2,5,3,6], what does L[2] return?
  3. Using for-loops and while-loops to access and modify list entries
C-level questions only require you to understand simple code fragments and write their output. You do not need to write any code for the C-level questions.

B- and A-Level Questions will require you understand 
  1. C-Level content
  2. Error handling i.e. try-except clauses
  3. len() command used with lists, e.g., if L = [2,3,4,3] you should know what  len(L) returns
  4. list methods, such as [ ].count() 
B- and A-level questions require you to not only understand code fragments and write their output, but also may ask you to write short code fragments from scratch that meet the question's requirements.

The coding test will require you to understand B and A-level content.

The Python Tutorials page is a great place to start for your studying.  There's also the unofficial textbook, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist.