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Laptop Policies

Classroom Habits

·         Center the laptop on the desk.

·         Close the lid of the laptop before standing up.

·         Lock the computer before walking away from it.

·         Follow all directions given by the teacher.


Traveling To and From School

·         Completely shut down the laptop before traveling.

·         Do not leave the laptop in a vehicle.

·         Use your backpack or carry the case by the handle or shoulder strap.

·         If ever in a situation when someone is threatening you for your laptop, give it to them and tell a staff member as soon as you arrive at school.

·         Stolen laptops are located through CompuTrace and are retrieved in cooperation with the local police department.


Prohibited Actions

Students are prohibited from:

·         Putting stickers or additional markings on the laptops, cases, batteries, or power cord/chargers.

·         Defacing KSD issued equipment in any way. This includes but is not limited to marking, painting, drawing or marring any surface of the laptops or any stitching on the case.

·         If such action occurs, the student will be billed the cost of repair or replacement.

Troubleshooting and Swaps

Troubleshooting Procedure

1.      Student tries to fix the problem.

-        Always try restarting the laptop as the first step in troubleshooting.

-        If appropriate, student may ask a classmate for help.

-        Student may ask a teacher if the teacher is available to help for this purpose.

-        Students are reminded not to waste too much time troubleshooting so they do not miss too much class time.

2.      If the student is unable to resolve the problem, the student should fill out a swap form.

3.      Student quietly calls the CSC from the classroom phone at extension 7030 and selects option 4. 

-        A customer support team member will try to help fix the problem over the phone.

-        Otherwise, the student will get a ticket number to write on the swap form.

4.      Student should then save any work that they have saved locally to his/her H: drive.

5.      Student will receive an email for the ticket through his/her district Outlook email.

6.      Student takes laptop to the swap room during open hours.

-        If the swap room isn’t open, the student can continue to use his/her laptop or work on paper.

-        Student returns to class with a swap laptop.

7.      When the student’s original laptop is ready to be picked up, student will receive an email through his/her district Outlook email for the closed ticket.

8.      Student picks up laptop from swap room during open hours.