How is my grade determined?
See the page on Standards Based Grading.
Where do I turn in assignments?

Assignments written on paper must be turned into the physical drop-box located near the door (it's the grey six-slot metal box). Electronic assignments, such as word documents and powerpoint presentations, must be turned into the electronic drop-box located at \all access\joshinr\drop box\ . Look for the appropriate folder (e.g. Astronomy, FbD, etc.).
Can I see my grade?
You can see your current grade online by clicking on the Grade link on the navigation bar. The grades link will take you to a secure website that requires you to log in. 

How do I use the electronic drop-box?

The electronic drop-box has special security settings that don't let you open or rename files stored inside electronic drop-box. Because of this enhanced security, you cannot use SAVE AS from an application to save your file in the virtual drop-box. You must save your file in your home folder (e.g. My Documents) first, and then copy your assignment to the electronic drop-box. You can do this by use ctrl+c and ctrl-v after selecting your file, or by doing a right-click drag-and-drop. Once you put a file in the drop-box, you cannot copy over it so be sure you're turning in the correct file!

If you use SAVE AS to try to save your file, it may look like it succeeded, but it will usually create a zero length file, that has no data inside of it. Always confirm your document does not have a zero length to make sure it's okay. Documents that fail to open or have a zero length are considered to not have been turned in.

Can I email my assignment to you?

No. Electronic documents must be turned into the virtual drop-box.

What file formats must I use?
Your assignment will specify what you must turn in - typically MS-Office formats are used. I will accept Office 2010 or earlier file formats (e.g. .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx). If you don't have MS Office at home, come see me long before the assignment is due so we can make other arrangements. Open Office is acceptable.

What do I name my assignment/file?

In general your filename should begin with your last name (in lower case), and then it should have an assignment descriptor. I will usually place a sample file into the drop-box with the naming convention, for example, joshi-unit3paper.  Its important to start with your last name since the sorting will match my gradebook.