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Q3 Projects

There are 3 different projects that you will start this quarter. Each team will work on one of the three projects and create technical posters, presentations, and papers for their project. At the end of the year you will present your project to a panel of judges. To prepare for that presentation we will hold an astronomy symposium where you will present your work to each other for critical review and refinement. The schedule for these practice sessions will be posted later.  The teams for the various projects are listed below:

  • Bader, Champlin, Richards
  • Hadley, White
  • Ayon, Jenner

  • Ta, Tonella
  • Demaree, Kirby
  • Heidal, Jerome

  • Derrer, Pahl
  • Sangani, Whitlock

Nikhil Joshi,
May 18, 2018, 1:56 PM