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Hot Topic Requirements

After studying the assigned chapter and questions, you will investigate current astronomical research that applies to the chapter content. Current means anything published within the last calendar year. For example, if you're studying stellar evolution, look for current research that has been done on stellar evolution. Good sources for research news and results are


Science News Magazine 

Scientific American

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

Pick some recent research pertaining to the chapter that you find interesting and create a 1 page (11”x17”) hot-topic poster. The poster may be portrait or landscape and must contain the following sections.

1.       Title – brief, informative title, e.g. "Astronomers discover...<brief results of research>”

2.       Abstract - several sentence summary of research article

3.       Background/Key Concepts - content from chapter that applies to the research, necessary to know so you can understand the research

4.       Summary of research

·         What was/is the current understanding of the topic

·         What new work was done, how is it different from previous work or how does it extend on previous work

·         What were the new results

·         Why are the results important/interesting

·         What is still not known, what new questions arise, what remains to be done

5.       Citations (APA)

Your writing must be your own. You must provide APA citation of research article(s), diagrams, etc. you must provide engaging visuals, diagrams throughout, equations as necessary in addition to your narrative/explanatory text. 

You may use multiple articles on the research as necessary (and in fact I would recommend it). The actual scientific paper may be difficult to read. I suggest you read the original research paper and then find stories about that research in other magazines and new sources that are targeted more to the general public (I listed a few above).