6/10 Update

posted Jun 10, 2020, 9:03 AM by Nikhil Joshi
UW has decided that you may ask for S/NS grades AFTER grades are file. A grade equal to or higher than 2.0 can be turned into a "Satisfactory" grade.  This is done by going through UW channels. Here is an excerpt of the email they sent me:

Last week, UW academic leadership approved a policy change that permits a student to request S/NS grading AFTER the course is completed and UW grades are already posted at UW. In fact, students can request their numeric grade be changed to S/NS grading with no deadline unless they are graduating from UW, at which point the grade option at that point is locked. If a student does not attend UW, their option to change to S/NS has no deadline. Also, after a student changes their grade to S/NS, they can can later request that their S/NS grade be converted back to a numeric grade – again, up until graduation from UW or with no deadline if not at UW.


Essentially, this policy update – no deadline to request S/NS grading – is only for students in courses that were impacted by the shift to remote instruction and learning in March and the remainder of this school year. Included in this are UW courses which registered students in Autumn 2019 and extended into Spring 2020 (i.e. year-long courses), as well as UW courses which registered students in Winter 2020 and extended into Spring 2020 (i.e. second-semester courses). First-semester courses were already completed before school closures, and so are not included in this policy update.


This policy currently pertains only to the 2019-20 academic year. If this policy is extended to UW courses next year, I will let you know.  


The process for a student to request S/NS grading in their UW course(s) this year will go through the UW Registrar’s office. This process will open on June 17.


Meanwhile, we will update our UWHS website with this information.  https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/students-parents/grades-transcripts/