3/19 Update

posted Mar 19, 2020, 3:27 PM by Nikhil Joshi
Okay, I'm back!  I've got AP Calc figured out and have thought about astronomy a bit.

Here's what we're going to do for a few weeks.
  • Create assertion-evidence slide decks of your energy from gravity activity.
  • Create posters describing the activity using our new poster format.
  • Create technical documents with peer and teacher review that describe the activity.
To get started:
  1. Each student will create an assertion-evidence slide deck summarizing their work on the "energy from gravity" activity.
  2. The first draft of the slide decks should only have informative slide titles - no slide bodies or notes. Tell the story of the activity and what you learned using only slide titles.
  3. Submit the slide deck via Trello as usual by midnight Monday 3/23
  4. I will provide feedback in your document. When I have approved your slide titles, you may begin work on the slide bodies and notes.

If we get done with this and still aren't in school we will start work on your end of year projects.

Away we go!!