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00 Advice for Newbies

Here's some advice from previous AB students. These are lessons they'd learned by the end of their year. Perhaps it would serve you well to learn them before the beginning of your year?  At the least, there are some recurring themes you might want to pay attention to (and address as necessary).

1.            Don’t even try for an A…go for a B first, THEN the A

2.            Tests are your best friends…65%=A

3.            Check your work on tests, especially negatives

4.            Do not panic or change your answer when Joshi is looking over your shoulder while taking a test


6.            Bring Lavender…It calms him down

7.            Try bribing Joshi…with cookies and foreign chocolate (Note: if he says he is on a diet, keep insisting him with different foods… you’ll get to him eventually)

8.            Consult How to get a C in Joshi’s Class for more information

9.            Your calculator cannot be your lifeline anymore. Put it in your desk drawer and forget about it.

10.        Study your algebra notes, algebra shouldn’t keep you from finishing a problem.

11.        Do a ton of the word problems in the homework sets. Word problems will kill you on tests.

12.        Reading the chapter before class is super useful; you know what’s up before class so you’re prepared for Mr. Joshi’s lectures.

13.        Flashcards actually help. Make them.

14.        Knowing some physics helps!

15.        Units! Pay attention to the units!


17.        Don’t be too hard on yourself. You won’t learn Calculus overnight, it takes practice.

18.        Study a little bit every day, don’t cram.

19.        There will be a quiz everyday… not really but believe there is one

20.        Know how to do Algebra WELL. If you don’t know how, learn fast!

21.        Always, always, if you don’t know what to do, take the derivative, or even the integral

22.        Do extra problems – They can appear on the test

23.        Don’t forget +C, it will make you drop points left and right

24.        Bone up on your algebra, seriously, do it

25.        Get your trig on

26.        Graphical analysis, get used to it. Know where your asymptotes are, even slants.

27.        Don’t judge an equation by its looks, judge it on its insides too: chain rule

28.        graphical analysis part 2: check for discontinuity

29.        Related rates: respect it, learn it, or it will own you.

30.        I think the most important thing I’ve learned this year is to know your algebra, contrary to popular belief you will actually use this knowledge again……

31.        Bring Joshi treats! Especially when he is grading tests, it puts him in a better mood. :]

32.        Beware of the room tax

33.        Make friends with the juniors in the class, they usually know what they’re talking about.

34.        Do more homework than is actually assigned, yes it’s a pain in the butt but you will be happy when you get better grades

35.        Cramster.com will become your best friend… If you don’t know what that is check it out!

36.        Actually memorize  your angles and radians

37.        Don’t be afraid to get an answer wrong and raise your hand for more help

38.        ALWAYS TAKE NOTES! Whatever he writes on the white board, you write it down as well. It will help you down the road, guaranteed.

39.        NEVER TALK WHEN HE’S TALKING! Unless you want his sword to your head, I advise you to zip it.

40.        TIME MANAGEMENT! Always take control of the time you have. Don’t waste time, don’t procrastinate, just use your time wisely.

41.        PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Practice each lesson thoroughly, solve as many problems as you can, and understand it to the point where you can actually teach at least 60% of it to another student. I can’t say that enough. Oh wait, yes I can…PRACTICE! 

42.        The THREE R’s! Re-read, Revise, Review! Re-read each lesson that he has taught you that day, revise any mistakes you made over worksheets or problems he’s given you, Review the entire lesson and understand it as if (just like before) you can teach 60% of that lesson to another student 

43.        NO EXCUSES! If you miss a day, miss a test, etc., take the test the minute you get back from your absence. It is very important that you stay caught up with your work so you’re prepared for what’s to come next.

44.        Eat before you go to class. You will be ready to focus.

45.        Get proper sleep.

46.        Do a little math every day. Each consecutive day you don’t do math, you will lose the skill exponentially.

47.        Always sit next to the genius of the class. Hopefully, their ‘smartness’ will rub off on you.

48.        Also sit very close to the teacher, so you won’t be tempted to chat with friends.

49.        Take a bathroom break immediately after lectures. You will be able to refresh your mind and he’ll probably be telling the class a story so you won’t miss much content.

50.        Mr. Joshi has a cruel sense of humor. Get used to it.

51.        Keep a Kleenex handy. You might not be able to hold your tears when you get your tests back.

52.        Be well hydrated. Gatorade…yes. Powerade….no.

53.        Use online resources, like hippocampus.

54.        Always have composure; this is the big man’s league.

55.        Sleep and rest well before test

56.        Use your calculus CD, it helps a lot especially with related rates

57.        It’s probably too late for this but know your trig, algebra, and geometry

58.        Get into study groups at the start of the year

59.        Take a lot of practice test starting in February, it’s too late if you wait till April

60.        DON’T FORGET THE CHAIN RULE!!!!!!

61.        If you plan on letting your textbook collect dust under your bed, prepare to fail.

62.        When in doubt, factor.

63.        Always add C…it can make the difference between a 100 and complete suckage.

64.        If he assigns 6 homework problems, do 12.  Assume that the hardest ones in the chapter will be on the test.

65.        Word problems are scary, but you must conquer them to succeed.

66.        Think of how horrific it is to get a bad grade, and then come to terms with the fact that you will be equally as happy to get an A.

67.        The limit definition will come back to haunt you, so don’t bury it with your chapter two homework.

68.        Limits of integration matter.

69.        Fancy ones are exceptionally useful tools.

70.        Sleep comes before studying no matter how desperate you may feel – being a zombie on test day will prevent you from remembering a single thing you studied, I guarantee it.

71.        Don’t rule out pop quizzes….EVER.

72.        When you start having dreams about calculus, you’re headed in the right direction.

73.        There is no escape from the wrath of the midterms.

74.        From here on out, your calculator is of no use to you.

75.        In the weeks before the AP test, your calculus classmates will be your best friends.  Spend as much time with them as you can, but don’t spend all of your time doing backbreaking work; realize how much work you’ve done and trust in your abilities.

76.        Mr. Joshi isn’t as scary as he may seem – but don’t expect an overwhelming amount of sympathy, either.

77.        If ANYTHING gives you a zero in the denominator, it CANNOT be done.  NEVER, EVER divide by zero and claim that the answer exists.

78.        You will not do well in the class if you do not study regularly! You need to read the chapters and do many practice problems

79.        Take Notes! You will not memorize every detail from Mr. Joshi’s lectures and you will want to fall back on your notes when studying and doing your homework

80.        Pay attention! You will not understand what is going on in class if you are not engaged.

81.        Manage you time! Do not wait until the last day to do your homework. You will not be able to get help with problems you are struggling with if you do not work a little every night because Mr. Joshi is not going to help you solve problems you don’t understand 10 minutes before it is due.

82.        Do the homework! Homework is the best way to practice what you have been learning and you will not master any of the calculus if you are not practicing

83.        Practice problems! Don’t stop at the homework, do plenty of practice problems. You need all the practice you can get. Even if the problems aren’t assigned, do them because they will help you later on when you take the test.

84.        Practice your algebra! You may have forgotten a lot of what you have learned in previous math classes, but those skills will become very important in calculus. It is important to practice your algebra so you can do your calculus.

85.        Join a study group! Your friends may understand something that you don’t, and you may understand something that they don’t. It will be helpful when doing homework and studying for tests to study with a group of people.

86.        Avoid sitting next to people who will distract you! You will need to be more focused in this class than any other class you may have ever taken.

87.        You better know Algebra!

88.        Pay attention in class, don’t screw off or you’ll pay for it.

89.        MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND DERIVATIVES. They are vital to survival in the class.


91.        Study until your eyes melt. But pace yourself, do a little every day.

92.        Study groups sound helpful but unless you’re dedicated to calculus, you’ll just end up playing games.

93.        Related rates are murder, but do your best! XD

94.        While your textbook may seem like a useful tool in your beating your brother, it’s also quite useful in calculus class. ACTUALLY READ IT.

95.        Schaum’s Outlines are actually extremely helpful books. And instead of going out to Barnes and Noble and Borders and paying full price, check out Half Price Bookstore, they have great deals and a variety of resources.

96.        If you think it’s difficult in the beginning, well you’re pretty much screwed, because you’ll be using everything you learn and actually applying it to future chapters. So, pay attention!

97.        If you have chocolate, be forewarned. Either hide it or Joshi WILL find it, and Joshi WILL eat it.

98.        Never study with your best friends. As much as you attempt to convince yourself that you’ll work done, we ALL know you’ll just slack off.

99.        I’d tell you not to procrastinate, but I don’t know how likely that is to happen.

100.     Mr. Joshi might just be your new best friend, do not piss him off.

101.     Lavender helps. J

102.     Crying is normal and therapeutic at times! And yes, crying over your calculus grade will become a normal thing.

103.     Feed Joshi, do so both before a test and during his free period when he grades the tests.

104.     Study, Study, STUDY, make flash cards, memorize equations.

105.     If you don’t do well on the quiz make up for it on the test.

106.     Always smile even if you feel like crying.

107.     If you have a 69.9% for a quarter grade, accept the F, it’s meant to be a wake up call, so do better!

108.     Make sure your study group is more than a group of friends because otherwise your “study session” will turn into a gossip party.

109.     Talk to Mr. Joshi if you have a problem, he may seem scary at first but in reality he will help you.

110.     Sit by the juniors, they’re probably very smart, and are able to comprehend the work faster and more accurately.

111.     Use pencil. You will mess up on the course work and scratching out your work will be annoying and pointless.

112.     Be meticulous (ALWAYS check your answers, even if you think they are right)

113.     Just knowing how to do the basics is not enough. Do the end problems. They make you apply what you learned.

114.     Learn algebra, trigonometry, geometry, etc.

115.     Calculators suck. Almost as much as you.

116.     Look for ways that calculus matters. It will help you keep focused and studying.

117.     WWJD (What Would Joshi Do)

118.     Study. Seriously, this is why I didn’t get an “A” in Calculus, was because I never studied. Because of this, I received a “C” first quarter, and a “B” for the rest of the year.

119.     If you’re good at math: study anyways, this is different than just Algebra.

120.     When studying, make sure that you are actually studying. Staring at a textbook doesn’t count.

121.     Manage your time well

122.     It helps if you like math; even if you do, it’s difficult to keep track of everything you need to do to be successful

123.     Even though it may seem impossible to keep up, giving up just shows weakness and several character flaws.

124.     If you need to, ask someone for help.

125.     If you have gotten into this school, then there is a good chance that you can handle it, just try harder.

126.     Have a good memory

127.     There are several tricks that if you memorize them, will help you loads for many situations. For example: know your trigonometry definitions, differentiations, and  identities

128.     Become one with your textbook

129.     A Calculus student and his/her textbook are like a Paladin and his/her Bible. IT HELPS

130.     Know when to pull tricks out of your hat such as substitutions, factoring, differentiation, etc…

131.     After taking a test, make sure you reflect on it, even if you got an “A”. Unless, of course, you aced the thing… This is another reason why I got a “B” for the class

132.     Listen to Joshi, he knows a lot more than you could ever know, ever.

133.     Take notes on derivatives, limits, laws, tests, integrals, everything that is on the chapter. It will be useful for quick studying.

134.     STUDY, STUDY, STUDY and PRACTICE, a little every day, mostly on your algebra skills. You’ll find out that calculus is a bunch of rules relating to physics.  It’s your algebra that will kill you.

135.     Practice your laws and rules for derivatives and integrals A LOT

136.     Don’t forget your plus C

137.     Form some type of study group to ask and reference each other.  One of you guys has to know what’s going on.

138.     Make sure to do ALL of the problems in the chapter, since Joshi might use the problems on the test. 

139.     Remember an integral is the reverse derivative, so don’t mix them up so carelessly.

140.     Fear the test, since it will always come tomorrow.

141.     You must love calculus, love algebra and make your calc book your friend.

142.     DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Short. Simple. Concise. UNLIKE YOUR HOMEWORK.

143.     You need Algebra, but it doesn’t need you. Remember that.

144.     Read each chapter before its covered in class. That way, you’ll know where the discussion is going, and will be able to apply what Joshi says to what you’ve read, but IN YOUR MIND.MUWAHAHAHA.

145.     Know your trig. SOH-CAH-TOA-IT-WILL-KEEP-YOU-ALIVE

146.     Know that sin(0) is 0, and cos(0) is 1.

147.     Judging from past events, you will get hurt in AP Calc. Whether by foam swords, or logarithmic derivatives, you will cry. Bring a friend.

148.     Bring pens in different colors to take notes with. The complexity of the notes you will be taking cannot be accurately expressed in just one color.

149.     Know your calculator, it will help

150.     Cramming won’t help

151.     Don’t confuse integrals and derivatives, this is a key difference and you will mix them up

152.     Know algebra, it’s the simple stuff that will get you

153.     Check work always

154.     Try hard the first time and harder the second, B’s aren’t the end of the road

155.     Visuals help

156.     Do a lot of extra practice problems.  Joshi will sometimes use other questions in the book for test questions.

157.     Learn how to use your calculator; it has some fancy applications that will make test day much easier.

158.     Study every day instead of cramming the day before a test.


160.     Do your homework early in case there’s a quiz the next day.

161.     Drill and practice derivatives and integrals so it becomes automatic.

162.     Take EVERYTHING seriously in this class, nothing is just for fun.

163.     Become comfortable with anything involving trig.

164.     Joshi will try to intimidate you on test day with swords and air horns.  Be prepared for this.

165.     Don’t forget little tricks and details that Joshi teaches you.  They become important on tests and in the AP test.

166.     When you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask for help, waiting will just make it worse

167.     Check your work! The tests are hard enough without you accidentally subtracting when you meant to add

168.     Calculus is a hard class. Don’t try to study it the week before a test. Ask questions and learn about the things you don’t understand as soon as they’re introduced

169.     Smile :D

170.     If you do not understand or forgot particular lessons and if you’re more of a visual type person go to brightstorm.com which is a website with free lecture videos and practice test problems. It is a great tool to review before a test as well. Take advantage of your sources.

171.     Before the AP exam, there will be a lot of important concepts that you would need to memorize. Start on those flash cards from the beginning of the year and don’t wait till May to make them. Try making a flash card a day will be helpful in the end.

172.     Do your test reflections!!! Do not be lazy and just do it, it may not seem much but it will definitely help your grade.

173.     Always expect a quiz and review notes/homework beforehand because the quizzes would most likely cover what you have already went over a few days ago.

174.     Form study groups, you will learn a lot from each other and it will motivate you to study when everyone else is studying.

175.     Do not bring food to class unless you have enough for everyone. Otherwise, Joshi will eat them.

176.     Always expect the worst before a test. If you fail, then it wouldn’t be so bad.

177.     It’s okay to fail; there will be plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself.

178.     Try to not take notes when Joshi is lecturing you. You can’t really focus on what is being said or written on the board when you are writing. Understand the lecture first, then take mental notes. Otherwise, you will be lost after copying a whole bunch of stuff on the board that you don’t even understand.

179.     Don’t wait for the last minute to ask questions. It is hard to ask when you feel that everyone is getting it except you but if you do not understand one concept and let it drag on, then it would be even harder to understand future lessons.  Take some time during lunch, before school or after school to ask Joshi for help. He doesn’t bite.

180.     Prepare to fail…a lot.  But DO NOT get discouraged because IT IS the best way to learn and NEVER forget.

181.     Homework is nice and all, but it is more for you testing yourself on the material then for a grade.  So the more homework you do (e.g. extra problems) the better your chances are of passing the class and learning something.

182.     PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Joshi will tell you this every day and you will not listen until one week before the AP test and then you will realize how stupid you were being.

183.     Double check your work, don’t do the problem again (per say), but at least check if your answer even makes a little bit of sense.

184.     You thought that you were good at algebra…think again.  Oh yeah, remember all that trig and geometry.  It’s ok if you don’t, because it sure as heck remembers you.

185.     Sleep! Don’t stay up for days on end grinding out problems; it is not the way to do it.

186.     This class will change you, you may not learn calculus but you will be forced to look deep into your soul and be forced to ask yourself if you are even ready to have your mind destroyed and rebuilt.

187.     Read the chapters before class and take notes during class.

188.     When in doubt take the derivative                                

189.     When in doubt factor

190.     Get use to not having a calculator

191.     Space out your homework

192.     Do not do your homework the period before

193.     Try to get together with someone and study

194.     Keep study groups small and in quiet place

195.     Try to actually read the book beforehand

196.     Learn how to use your brain

197.     Do not cram it will do you no help

198.     Know your simple trigonometric derivatives 

199.     Do questions that are not on the homework

200.     Don’t sleep during class

201.     You are never too smart to learn

202.     Expect the unexpected

203.     Your soul will die but you will be reborn

204.     Always check Joshi’s website on the weekends

205.     Make sure you actually do your homework, instead of waiting until the last day.

206.     Know how to use your calculator and it’s in the right mode even though you might not use it for the tests.

207.     Read each chapter ahead of time or else you won’t know anything.

208.     You should review for the test, since you’ll forget everything from the beginning.

209.     Have study groups.

210.     Don’t do everything in one night and spread the work in small quantities every day when you can.

211.     Sleep, and don’t stress too much. A little stress is fine.

212.     Never procrastinate.

213.     Study groups aren’t just for over achievers anymore.

214.     Keep your math and your friends completely separated.

215.     Don’t beat yourself up. You’re going to fail at least 3 tests throughout the year.

216.     Read ahead. Stay one step ahead of the enemy, Joshi.

217.     Don’t get on Joshi’s bad side.

218.     Laugh at all his jokes.

219.     Never take a mental day off. One day turns into two, two turns into an F.

220.     Don’t half ass your reflections. 90% of the 10% of the people that pass couldn’t do it without these reflection

221.     Have fun. Yeah right…….

222.     Learn to use the functions on your calculator, but don’t rely on it to solve problems

223.     Talk to Mr. Joshi outside of class if you need help or are having trouble

224.     When in doubt, take the derivative

225.     When in doubt, factor

226.     Constantly review old material

227.     Make flash cards!!!

228.     Do extra problems on the homework

229.     If you don’t know how to do a problem, don’t skip it!! Keep working on it until you get it

230.     Take notes on everything Joshi says – write down all example problems

231.     Read the book ahead of time and take notes on it

232.     Make sure to do a lot of word problems!

233.     Understand the problem… create a plan… carry out the plan… reflect…

234.     Have fun!

235.     Focus on learning the material and actually understanding it, the grades will fix themselves

236.     Study a little bit every day, instead of a lot on certain days

237.     Learn by doing, practice what you have learned or teach someone else what you have learned

238.     Don’t just read the book but also take meaningful notes and reflect on what you have learned

239.     Always ask questions and get help from peers

240.     Practice doing simple algebra problems to get better at factoring and multiplying

241.     Stay up to date on your reading

242.     Always do your homework and do extra if you can

243.     Memorize important items like the unit circle and the rules for logs and e

244.     Look up tutorials online or get an AP help book, they help review

245.     STUDY!

246.     Don’t cram

247.     Don’t forget the +C

248.     Factor

249.     When studying don’t just look at your notes but also do lots of practice problems

250.     Take good notes

251.     Know your algebra

252.     Memorize the unit circle

253.     Do extra problems on your homework, it helps

254.     FiG GiF

255.     Don’t differentiate when taking an integral and vice versa

256.     STUDY!!!!!!!

257.     The Calc book is your new best friend.

258.     Do extra problems until you understand the chapter.

259.     Remember, the Calculus is the easy part.  The Algebra is the hard part.

260.     Try not to make stupid mistakes on tests.

261.     If you understand every sub-chapter, you will do well on that chapter’s test.

262.     Learn related rates, or else.

263.     Don’t forget +C or exponents, otherwise you’ll be hurting on tests.

264.     Watch out for the air horn.

265.     Don’t overthink test questions.  They are easier than they look.

266.     Read the directions!!!

267.     Remember that Algebra you thought wouldn’t be important?  Turns out it is.

268.     Don’t just look at the concepts when studying for tests, actually do problems until you have it down.

269.     Do the test reflections!

270.     Pop quizzes are generally homework problems, so do your homework.

271.     Actually read the textbook, and then read it again, and then a third time! Joshi gives it to you for a reason, it is an invaluable resource!

272.     Take copious notes with diagrams or comments or doodles or whatever helps you focus and get down what you need to remember. Always make note of the things Joshi says to remember, like types of AP-style questions or certain rules to memorize.

273.     Actually use your notes for studying. If they’re good, they will help you tremendously. And if you’re consistent, studying for the AP exam will be less stressful.

274.     Make flashcards or note cards with important identities, rules, logs, definitions, etc. And then memorize what’s on them!

275.     If all else fails… either 1) factor or… 2) take the derivative… or 3) take the anti-derivative!

276.     Never forget “C”!

277.     For the AP test always round your answers to the third decimal place… they WILL burn you on this.

278.     Use the practice problems in the back of the book to study for chapter tests.

279.     Re-take your midterms to get ready for the AP test. Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but the more practice the better.

280.     During practice tests, and especially on the AP test, take a deep breath and think about the next problem. Don’t think about how freaked out you are… this will make you panic more!

281.     On Monday, remember, there is a quiz.

282.     You will find that the calculus is easy, the algebra is hard. So brush up on your algebra at the BEGINNING of the year, and actually use the review guides on the website!

283.     Test reflections will save your butt, so do them! And use them to actually learn from your test, they can be really helpful.

284.     To all you overachiever 4.0 students… you most likely WILL fail one, or many, of your tests in calculus (unless you’re a math genius, or a junior). I know this has never happened to you before and you swore it never would, but yes, yes, it will happen. And guess what, everything’s going to be OKAY… you WILL live with an F in your grade book. Trust me… I’m still alive ;)

285.     Hang in there… you can do it! And don’t be afraid to enjoy calculus along the way. It is fascinating!!! It’ll make so much of your previous math knowledge finally make sense!

286.     Always review previous homework problems on the assigned chapter when preparing for the chapter tests.

287.     When in doubt, write down everything you know. (You’ll most likely receive some points)

288.     It helps to sometimes draw out the problem. (Graphs, diagrams, etc.)

289.     When it comes to word problems, try to rewrite it into simpler form to help you understand the problem.

290.     Always have extra batteries in your backpack; they go dead during a test.

291.     Do the homework and more; practice makes perfect.

292.     Do more practice problems

293.     Do some more practice problems

294.     Study for tests

295.     Do more practice problems

296.     Practice your algebra

297.     Practice lots

298.     Don’t give up after you epically fail…otherwise you won’t be able to get past the first few days

299.     Ask for help from Joshi…he may laugh at you sometimes but he’ll help

300.     On tests, sketch out the problem when needed

301.     Don’t do more work than needed

302.     READ THE <expletives deleted> QUESTION!

303.     Negatives…I like my negatives…do you like negatives?

304.     Distribute…but only sometimes

305.     Don’t forget +C

306.     Double-check and triple-check your work if you have time

307.     Do work…practice work…BREATHE WORK

308.     Pounds are a unit of force…remember that…important...yea…for everything

309.     Don’t fail

310.     Don’t forget the conjugates! (Like in Spanish…only different)

311.     Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up on Calculus or your ability to do Calculus. Never.

312.     Always write SOMETHING down for an answer; you get points for trying and no matter what you think you do know something about the topic, so give it your best shot!

313.     Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it will only hurt you in the long-run and a time will come where you will wish that you had asked something.

314.     Use process of elimination when doing multiple choice if you can.

315.     Always try to do extra problems, especially the problems near the end of the lesson and in the review. Or at least try to go over the solutions and see what you would need to do to get there.

316.     Rather than cramming a few weeks before the AP test, borrow or purchase an AP Calc practice book at the beginning of the year and review the lessons you do in class in your AP Calc book as you learn them in class. This way, from the beginning you will be introduced to AP style questions and you will also solidify your understanding of the topics that you’re covering in class (it will probably boost your test scores! I really wish I had learned this sooner).

317.     Study groups are a wonderful thing! Meet regularly rather than right before a test. Also try to bring together a group of people with different skills sets. (*NOTE: more than 4-5 people will not be productive.)

318.     Never look at a problem and just decide that you won’t be able to do it without even trying just because it has funky notation or it’s one of those fancy application problems, or something like that.

319.     The night before the AP test go out to dinner and a movie with friends and go to bed early (like by 9, early). It’s not like you’ll learn related rates overnight, that’s crazy…J Go in with a positive mindset and after 4 hours it will be over! (P.s. After the AP test, don’t try to beat yourself up over things that you think you forgot to do or wish that you had done better; it’s over so you’re not helping yourself). Be proud! AP Calc is not easy!

320.     Taking calculus will make you self-reflect a lot, and you’ll come out of it feeling… different (the good type of different). Like, being okay with getting a C on the test. Eh, it happens (just don’t be too comfortable with it and never stop trying!).

321.     If you get your integrals and derivatives messed up you will fail.

322.     Don’t forget C.

323.     When in doubt, factor.

324.     When still in doubt, take the derivative.

325.     When still still in doubt, take the integral.

326.     Multiply by fancy 0’s and 1’s.

327.     Never forget how to take a limit.

328.     Memorize all of the limit, derivative, integral, exponential and logarithmic rules…

329.     Study for every test, even if you think you don’t need to.

330.     Do all the word problems you can…

331.     Always be prepared for pop quizzes, they happen more than you would think.

332.     Midterms are death.

333.     Stay ahead of the class on reading in your textbook. And you do actually need to read the textbook.

334.     Do math every day.

335.     Tests usually cover more than the homework problems do.

336.     Get used to barely ever using your calculator.

337.     Get used to not getting any sympathy from Mr. Joshi.

338.     If you fail, remember that everyone else did too.

339.     NEVER divide by zero.

340.     Schedule regular time to study

341.     Use a planner

342.     If you don’t understand something, make sure you do

343.     Eat a protein-rich breakfast every day

344.     Do test reflections

345.     Don’t drink and derive.

346.     If you don’t understand what the function is going on, ask questions!

347.     Test corrections are your new best friend.

348.     Be ready to use your imagination.

349.     If you’re a straight A student, don’t freak out about not getting an A in a college level math course. You’re not doomed for community college if you have a B in calculus.

350.     DON’T BE AFRAID OF JOSHI. He seems like a scary little man but he’s a helpful scary little man.

351.     Joshi loves pop quizzes…

352.     Joshi also loves plastic swords…

353.     If you bring food into Joshi’s classroom, expect him to steal some of it.

354.     Always stay caught up. If you don’t read a section or do the homework, you’ll fall behind.

355.     Do the homework! Sometimes it takes a lot of time to do a few problems but that’s what it takes to learn the material.

356.     You can’t afford to skip any assignments, do every assignment or you’ll regret it later.

357.     Always write as much as you can on tests and quizzes. Even if you can’t do the entire problem, you can get some points for getting halfway there or even writing what you know about the problem.

358.     Sometimes you will have to do extra problems on the homework in order to really understand it.

359.     Always review your homework. There’s a good chance that some of the problems might be on your next test.

360.     Take copious notes. It’s important to take a lot of notes on certain chapters, so that later on, instead of going back to the textbook and reviewing, you could simply just open up your notebook and review.

361.     Be organize. It’s important to take notes, but even more important to organize it, so that you would at least know where you take notes on certain chapters in your notebook, and it’s easy to navigate.

362.     Prepare flashcards. On the AP test, they don’t provide you with everything. So it is up to you to memorize important concepts and rules (especially the easy ones).

363.     Be optimistic. Even if you fail one test, and Joshi tells you how much you suck, there’s always another chance that you would soar on the next test.

364.     If you don’t soar on your next test, then I’d suggest going to the library and getting resources that might help you with the class, before Joshi rips your head off.

365.     Form study groups. Study groups can be effective, if you work with others that you don’t get distracted with. If you don’t know something, then there is a good chance that someone else will know what you don’t understand, and can help you in the process.

366.     REVIEW YOUR ALGEBRA. If you don’t, then prepare to feel the wrath of Joshi.

367.     REVIEW YOUR ALGEBRA EVEN MORE. You might forget some key components about algebra. I’d suggest every now and then, you review your algebra, or you shall glared down by Joshi’s wicked eyes

368.     Try not to suck too much.

369.     Don’t Leave Your negatives behind

370.     Double check your answer: did it ask for the derivative or the integral?

371.     Don’t divide by zero, ever

372.     Take the initiative and do extra problems – they show up on quizzes

373.     Always be ready for pop quizzes, you can anticipate them when there is a general gloom in the air.

374.     Learn Algebra and Trig

375.     Practice! Practice! Practice!

376.     Study by doing practice problems, not by reading the chapter

377.     Do extra homework problems. They might end up on the test

378.     Study a little bit every day.  Quizzes come unexpectedly

379.     Study alone or with one other person. It’s easy to get off task when studying with a group of friends.

380.     Make sure that you do problems all the way through the school year. Eventually you’ll quit doing homework like you should and it will reflect in your grade.

381.     Seniors there is no excuse for senioritis, do or do not, there is no try.

382.     Believe in yourself. “I can’t believe” THAT IS WHY YOU FAIL!!

383.     Know you’re Algebra, and if you say you know it, you don’t even know what algebra is.

384.     Do all of your reflections! It will help you in the long run.

385.     The force is totally not with you, if it was then you would have done that homework you said you were going to do…

386.     Don’t be scared of Joshi. He is trying to help you get better not make you fail at life.

387.     Listen and take notes during lectures they help so much.

388.     ALWAYS ask questions even if Davis sits next to you and always knows that dang answer…

389.     Knowledge is gained by working not just sitting there.

390.     Don’t mix up integrals with derivatives. They are super similar.

391.     Cramming is for noobs - do not do it.

392.     Read ahead

393.     Review your notes

394.     Study EVERY CHAPTER even when you’re on Chapter 10

395.     Practice makes perfect

396.     Refresh yourself on logs

397.     Rigorously review your algebra and trig

398.     Factor

399.     Keep calm, running around in a panic won’t get you anything

400.     Add c

401.     Read the chapters

402.     Fear the quiz!

403.     Don’t forget the units

404.     Learn to not use your calculator

405.     Know that Joshi’s tests are actually harder than the AP Test

406.     Realize you suck at math right off the bat