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Homework Policy

Your homework in AP Calculus will primarily be to 
  1. Study the textbook and take notes to prepare for the next day's problem solving.
  2. Use Khan Academy after taking textbook notes to help clarify any unclear concepts as necessary. 
  3. Complete the Concept Questions Form
  4. Complete practice problems as necessary.
Although you are free to write your reading notes in any format or style that you want, I highly suggest using some form of structured note-taking. Here are some links to explore on effective note-taking methods. You are welcome to try different methods and pick any that you think work best for you.

After you complete your reading notes, if you have any specific questions you want me to address the next day, you need to fill out the post-reading question form. Here you can ask me specific questions about the unit from the textbook. I will review everyone's reading questions the morning after the reading assignment and address any common questions the class as a whole has.  

Every student is expected to do the homework. At random, I will have the entire class take photos of their reading notes and publish them to me via the Trello board, so be sure to bring your reading notes to class every day. In addition, I will follow up with students individually based on their performance in the class - the lower your overall grade, the more frequently I will be checking in and asking you to show me your homework. Both of these check-ins are eligible for grading as a chapter standard and can earn you as high as a 7.

In addition to reading notes, I expect students to do practice problems outside of class to improve their skills and understanding. These practice problems can be included as evidence of completing homework.