AP Exam Info!!

posted Apr 2, 2020, 4:59 PM by Nikhil Joshi
Just watched a webinar discussing plans for the AP tests. Details will be posted online tomorrow by mid-day. 

Here are the high points:

Overall AP Testing window is May 11 - May 22

AP Calc AB and BC will be May 12 @ 11am.

Will be open-note, open internet, open calculator. 
You'll probably want to hand write and upload photos.

Must use the same device to submit answers that you used to view the questions.

FRQ1 = 25min + 5min for upload
FRQ2 = 15min +5min for upload

Device will show time remaining. Student must keep track of time if you close that window. 
If over time, no score.

Will have print instructions, video instructions, and a simulated practice session to practice 
downloading questions, and uploading answers before testing window opens.

Students who have already been approved for extended time will be handled automatically by
test SW. The time will automatically be extended by the SW.

makeup tests June-1 to June-5
schools must approve using make-up dates.
most common reasons - technical difficulties, batteries die, other major issues.

Cheating? Social media? Impersonators? Reddit answer party?

College Board will be using

- questions to detect impersonations
- plagiarism scanning software
- teachers will receive copies of student exam work - by May 26th. So I'll see your work 
  and decide if that really was your work...
- other secret technologies they don't want to discuss. 

Teachers can use exam responses for class grades! (woo-hoo!!)