Winter Break Assignment

posted Dec 23, 2018, 10:20 AM by Nikhil Joshi
1. Read textbook units 6.1-6.4, pages 383-420.
2. Log into Khan Academy and review assigned items.

Are these strictly required? No, but I need you to make a judgement call. I appreciate how hard you have worked for me and you have earned a restful break. I need you to return on the 7th re-energized, but I also need you sharp. Try reading the textbook and taking notes. If you don't understand something turn to Khan. Use a combination. Use the book when you don't have internet. Use khan academy when you do. Flying somewhere? Use the the plane ride to review the textbook or your notes, or do the worksheets. Plan your study time for the break. 

The key is to do some math everyday so you don't lose ground. Refresh yourself on the algebra of exponentials and logarithms and learn the calculus of exponentials and logarithms.  Twenty to thirty productive minutes a day is all I ask.

Do get some rest, do enjoy your break, and have a happy new year!